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TitanGuard™ 5" Gutter Guard Mill Finish 100ft Case

TitanGuard™ 5" Gutter Guard Mill Finish 100ft Case

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The TitanGuard™ Gutter Guard 100ft is made of high quality perforated aluminum, which allows water to pass through while debris blows off. It is installed by screwing it into the front and back of the gutter, as well as the fascia board, strengthening the entire gutter system

The TitanGuard™ Gutter Guard is unique as extends beyond the rear of the gutter blending into the roof line. Water and Debris often accumulate between the rear of the gutter and the roof. The unique design of the TitanGuard™ prevents this from occurring and can extend the life of your gutters and fascia.

  • Comes in a case of 25 easy to install 4ft sections
  • Perforations allow water to flow through while blocking leaves from entering and clogging the gutter
  • Made of durable 3105 Aluminum .019 Thickness
  • Front lip fastens to the front of the gutter, while the rear lip extends over the gap between the gutter and the fascia, preventing water damaged
  • Made in the USA
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