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Rain Quiet Downspout Insert

Rain Quiet Downspout Insert

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The RainQuietTM Downspout Insert or Downspout Silencer is installed into the gutter downspout. It is designed to eliminate noise and allows the water to flow freely and quietly. As the raindrops hit the insert, they break up and stop before they hit the bottom of the downspout. Now you can get a good nights sleep!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Daniel Stellabotte
still noise

Wife said still hears rain.

Renee Tyler
Excellent Product

Finally! something that really works. I was shoving sponges into the downspout to stop the water drop torture, but they get really soaked and slip out. Another product was not effective. The Rain Quiet product is great- I had to trim a bit off in width which I did with regular scissors. it also 'bends' to fit a curved spout - and if you bend it in a wrong place, it pops right back so you can adjust that. Also comes with a clip to assure it stays in place, although it fits very well. I am very pleased with the results.

Works as advertised!

So grateful I found this product to help stop the noise of the rain hitting the gutter on the way down. The gutter happens to be right by my bedroom so it was very annoying. Such an easy fix with awesome results. I will say, though, that some of the debris will get stuck behind the insert so you should remove it and clean it out from time to time.

The order was processed and delivered very quickly. I absolutely appreciate that. Thank you!

David S.
It Works!

I have a 30 foot tall downspout. This product eliminated the noise from draining water. I highly recommend this product.