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Leaf Slugger 100 Feet

Leaf Slugger 100 Feet

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Leaf Slugger’s patented system begins where your roof ends; it fits on top of your existing gutters and offers effective water management. Leaf Slugger relies on the laws of water adhesion to ensure that water is properly and efficiently transported to where it needs to go; it is guaranteed to keep your gutters functioning the way they are meant to.

Water entering the space between the gutter and the roof can cause severe damage. Leaf Slugger not only prevents debris from entering the gutter, but also prevents water from entering the area between the roof and the gutter

The Leaf Slugger is a thin piece of aluminum that is made to help protect the gutter from clogging up. This leaf slugger can extend the life of your gutter system, as it controls the water flow in an efficient manner. There is no need for gutter cleanings while the leaf slugger remains on your gutter.

Materials: Aluminum

Sizes: 5", 6"

Special Order Colors: 10 Musket Brown, Al Almond, Charcoal Gray, Classic Cream, Scotch Red, Tuxedo Gray, Wicker

** Please Note: This item is available through phone or email order request. For orders and job site drop offs please call us at  732-901-9595  or click the button below to submit an order by filling out the email order form. **

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