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Inside Box Miters (20 Units)

Inside Box Miters (20 Units)

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The Inside Box Miter (20 Units) also known as pre-manufactured corners, helps connect the ends of the gutter at the corner, giving it a nice, smooth look. Pop rivets and a nice seal are used to install the Box Miter.

Materials: Aluminum, Copper

Sizes: 5", 6"

Special Order Colors: 30 Musket Brown, 30 White, Beaver Brown, Buckskin, Burgundy, Champagne, Copper Penny, Designer Copper, Forest Green, French Cream, Imperial Brown, Mill Finish Montana Suede, Tudor Brown, Tuxedo Gray, Village Green

Please Note: For special order colors, call us at 732-901-9595 or click here to contact us via email

To order Copper material miters, select "Copper" from the color list below.

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