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Custom Decorative Leader Head for Gutters

Custom Decorative Leader Head for Gutters

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The Custom Decorative Leader Head by RGD Supply is a funnel-shaped element which is used to help your roof drainage system. 

These leader heads come in a default size, but can also be custom fabricated to your specifications.

Standard Size: Height - 12in,  Width - 7in,  Length at Lip  - 12in, Length of Main Body - 9in, Dimensions at the tapered bottom 6"x6"

We can cut a hole in the bottom of 3" or 4" and provide an outlet of your choice

Materials: Aluminum

Sizes: 3", 4"

We have the standard size, in most common colors ready to ship. For customization, or colors which we do not have pre-made, lead time is 3-4 days.

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