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Case of 3x4 "B" Gutter Elbows Aluminum Over 25 Colors in Stock 20 Units

Case of 3x4 "B" Gutter Elbows Aluminum Over 25 Colors in Stock 20 Units

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The 3x4 B-Elbow (20 Units) is a curved element which is used on the top and bottom of the downspout.

Although commonly referred to as having a 90° curve, these elbows technically curve at a 75° angle

This elbow is designed for easy assembly when connecting the two straight pieces of the downspout, and is used to direct the runoff left or right from the gutter outlet. Pop rivets or screws, can be used to attach this elbow.

Included: Case of 20

Materials: Aluminum

Size: 3x4

In Stock Colors: To select your color, choose from the available colors in the dropdown menu below.

Special Order Colors: The following colors are not in the dropdown menu, but are available via special order.

For Copper Elbows Click Here to view our Copper Collection

30 White, Beaver Brown, Buckskin, Burgundy, Champagne, Coppertone, Designer Copper, Forest Green, French Cream, Imperial Brown, Mill Finish, Montana Suede, Pacific Blue, Tudor Brown, Tuxedo Gray, Village Green

Please Note: For special order colors, call us at 732-901-9595 or click here to contact us via email

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Ronald Hansen
3x4 and 2x3 Elbows

My company has ordered the Type 'A' & 'B' elbows many, many times. The orders have always arrived in good condition, great product quality, and great color coatings. Thank you for your competitive pricing. Ron H. Premier Lake Homes (Missouri)