A Guide to Gutter Guards

We sell a variety of Gutter Guards, and customers frequently ask us what the is the difference between the various gutter guards. There is also some confusion and misinformation in general about gutter guards floating around the internet.

As a result, we decided to post a short article explaining the differences and benefits of our various gutter guards.

Under the Shingle Gutter Guards 

Some gutter guards attach by being screwed into the fascia of the the home, others have an elongated inner edge that slides under the roof shingles. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

There are some YouTube videos out there discouraging people from using "under the shingle" gutter guards caliming that by placing gutter guards under the shingle, it damages the seal of the roof and can cause the shingles to fall off.

Frankly, whoever created these videos, is either being disengenous, or is not very knowledgable about roofing. 

Shingled roofing generally comes with a line of tack (glue) at the TOP of the shingle. When properly installed, a nail is driven through the top of the shingle, where it overlaps the previous layer of shingle.There should not be any glue, at the bottom of the shingle, and lifting it slightly to insert the edge of the gutter guard, should nto have any impact on the integrity of the roof.

Now that we got that out of the way, we can discuss the benefits and detractions of under the shingle gutter guards.

Benefits: When added to a properly installed roof and gutter, under the shingle gutter guards will have a slight downward slope, this will help in preventing leaves and debris from accumulating on the gutter guard.


Negative: If the roof or gutter was not properly installed, for example if the roof was glued on the bottom, or if the gutter was not placed at the correct height, then an under the shingle gutter guard could be a problem. That being said, we have sold hundreds of thousands of feet of "under the shingle" gutter guards, and they are very popular with our customers who are professional gutter contractors.

Our under the shingle Gutter Guards include Leaf Shelter and our Drop-In Gutter Guard 

Fine Mesh VS Perforated Aluminum vs Honeycomb Mesh

There are some clear differences between these types of gutter guards. In general, fine mesh is beneficial if small debris, like pine needles are a concern. However, fine mesh gutter guards may get clogged with pollen and debris, when not well made.

We will give an overview for each of the gutter guards we sell.

Drop In Gutter GuardThis gutter guard features a honeycomb mesh. The size of the holes are larger than what would be considered a fine mesh. Frankly, in the region of the country where we are located, pine needles are not much of concern.

This gutter guard will prevent leaves from falling into the gutter, and whatever smaller debris falls through, will generally be washed down the gutter. This is also our easiest gutter guard to assemble (and if neccessary, to remove for maintenance)

Leaf ShelterWhile the Leaf Shelter would technically be considered a perforated aluminum gutter guard, the patented shape of the holes do a good job of preventing most debris, from entering the gutter.

TitanGuard: The TitanGuard would be considered more of a typical perforated aluminum gutter guard. In general, these gutter guards serve a dual prupose, they prevent leaves from entering the gutter, while at the sam etime reinforcing the gutter.

The TitanGuard also has a unique benefit. Water can often become trapped between the fascia and the gutter, which can eventually cause the fascia to rot. The interior lip of the TitanGuard extends over this gap, thereby preventing water from entering (the Leaf Shelter provides this same benefit).

Hydro-Flo: This gutter guard is unique in that it is has both, a fine mesh stainless steel top layer that will block all sizes of debris, and a perforated aluminum bottom layer that reinforces the gutter.

This is our newest gutter guard, and it is quickly growing in popularity. It installs to the front at back lip of the gutter via pre-drilled holes.

The pictures may not do this gutter guard justice, but the fact that it is well made and extremely durable is evident when you see it, and hold it.

This is the most expensive gutter guard we sell, and it may be overkill for what you need, yet it is still far less expensive than many inferior gutter guard systems being sold on the market










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