Why We Don't Sell Gutter Spikes or Ferrules

Why We Don't Sell Gutter Spikes or Ferrules

A picture can be worth a thousand words, and a picture of a sagging gutter is why we do not sell gutter spikes / ferrules.

There are reasons why this happens when using ferrules to install.

  1. They are nailed in to the fasica in a relatively straight line, which creates a minumum of friction and resistance. This means the gitter ferrules can be nailed in easy, but they also come out easy.
  2. Gutter spikes do not offer any support to the gutter itself. So even if over time, the gutter remians attached to the fascia, you can often end up in a situation where the gutter utself ends up sagging. The other gutter hangers, . whether hidden gutter hangers, stamp hangers, #10 Combo Hangers, aside for attaching to the fasica more securely, act as a brace for the gutter itself.

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