Copper VS. Coppertone Gutters

Copper VS. Coppertone Gutters

If you have ever seen new copper, it may just be the most beautiful metal. Think of rose gold, only "rosier". Yet, if you love the look of new copper, than surprisingly, copper gutters may not be the option for you.

The reason is that copper oxidizes quickly, and the beautiful shine of new copper can fade quickly, depending on the climate, in as soon as a few weeks.

In fact, when most people purchase copper gutters, it isn't because they want the look of new copper, it is because they are aiming for the aged copper look.

Copper ages in phases, first it will dull, then segments of copper will darken and even turn black. In the next stage, copper will start to get a turquoise/green coating, and in its final stage, copper gutters will be entirely coated with a protective green patina (think Statue of Liberty).

People who pay a premium for copper, generally want the authenticity that all stages of copper bring (there are even plenty of articles out there on the internet on how to cause copper to age faster).

So what are your options if you love the look of "new" copper. It is possible to accomplish this by buffing it regularly (essentially sanding), but not only is this labor intensive, but the buffing will weaken the copper.

That is where Coppertone enters the picture. Coppertone (sometimes called Copper Penny) gutters are aluminum gutters painted with a metallic paint to mimic the look of fresh copper.

From a distance (which is where gutters are placed) it looks similar to fresh copper, and it will maintain that look for years if not decades. 

So, whether you are looking for Copper, or Coppertone Gutters, Leaders or Accessories, RGDSupply has the gutter products you need in stock.

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